Sonny Thind - Executive Coach

The objective of coaching is to take you from where you are to where you want to go. “Where you want to go” - some know where they want to go, some are searching. Often, discovering your destination becomes the first part of our journey together. 

What is Coaching?

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I help Executives working in the High Tech arena, through coaching and consulting to help them develop their:

“I feel like I now have some positive direction.” 

Client Testimonials

Sonny has spent 20 years in Information Technology steadily progressing into roles of increasing responsibility. One of Sonny’s formative roles was with Accenture, a global consulting firm that allowed him to hone his leadership...


“This (coaching) gave me a renewed confidence in myself and my abilities.”

Vision, Strategy, People 

Executives need to stay strategically focused while ensuring tasks supporting their strategies are executed efficiently. I coach leaders to keep their strategic focus, be action oriented, and do this in their own authentic way. When leading from an authentic place they can be themselves, be real, and be fully engaged. Full engagement leads to results!

Authenticity brings forth integrity. Leaders with integrity are trusted. Being trusted allows others to believe in them, and follow them.

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“The questions (I was asked) were bang on in bringing out the answers that would help me the most.”